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Welcome to Evans Brothers Construction LLC, a residential and commercial contractor providing quality new, remodel, and repair services.  We thank you for taking the time to learn more about Evans Brothers Construction LLC.


Residential Construction

Full-Service Company

Update your bathroom, kitchen, basement or entire house.


Concrete flatwork, decks, fencing and other services.


Remediation, Remodel & Repair

Burst pipes? We can help!

Your EIFS Expert!


EIFS installation, repair/remediation, third-party certified inspections and consulting.


Multi-vendor applicator: Dryvit, STO, Parex, Finestone, Senergy.  AWCI, EDI & MWC EIFS inspection certified.  Dryvit MWC Remediation Contractor.

Commercial Construction

Subcontracting and Independent Services

EIFS, Manufactured Stone, Roofing (Shingle & TPO), Exterior Painting, Concrete Flatwork, Exterior Maintenance

EIFS (Synthetic Stucco/Dryvit)

Exterior Insulation Finish System

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With these extremely cold temperatures, we are seeing a rise in broken pipes. We suggest you be proactive in minimizing damage from burst pipes.  Make sure you know where your main water shut off is located.  A pipe may freeze and bust without water damage until rising temperatures thaw the pipe and allow water to flow.  Should you experience damage from a broken pipe, Evans Brothers Construction can help restore your home or business to its former condition while taking steps to prevent the pipe from refreezing.


Watch for leaks once weather begins to warm after a severe cold spell. Locate your main water shut off now to avoid confusion in turning off the water when an emergency occurs.


Caution: A frozen and burst pipe may not release water until it thaws. Check for leaks when temperatures increase.


Don't let cold weather delay your projects.  We can enclose the building to allow for work to continue regardless of the temperature.


Evans Brothers Construction entered a team to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research. It was a beautiful day to bring together people from all over the area in an effort to put an end to pancreatic cancer.


We have installed EIFS on several McDonald's rebranding projects in the last few years.  The projects required all operations to continue while work was completed, including drive-thru operations.  We accomplished this goal through coordinating closely with the general contractor and efficiently completing the project in an expedited manner.



Providing quality construction services at a reasonable price.

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